The Wealth Codes

There are energetic up-levels, perspective shifts and new ways of being with money that must be integrated and embodied to unlock each financial milestone. This 12-month high-touch coaching container is your home base to break free from any old beliefs, habits or dynamics keeping wealth from flowing so you can become the conscious creator of your financial reality and attract, earn and receive more with ease. Each month inside is an opportunity for you to dive deeper into money mastery, integrate and have a safe place to land as you go.

12 Month Committment

What's Included:

Access to the Money Matrix Program

Monthly Live Training or Live Guest Expert Training

Monthly Live Q&A

What We Cover:

The difference between a business that’s a job and a business that’s actually a cash flowing asset and what to put in place to make the shift.

Pricing your offers

Holding your standard during sales conversations and remaining in your power

Attuning to the wealth frequency and how to raise your energetic state to become a match for more

How to harness the power of your fears around money to support you in taking practical steps to bring in more.

Shifting your perspective on debt and reinvesting back into your business

Harnessing human design in the way you deal with your money as a wealthy woman.

Why profitability is important and how set to profit goals

How to use the Profit First model in your business and how it can support you in making financial decisions as you grow

How to decide how to pay yourself

What metrics to look at to get an accurate picture of the financial health of your business

Money dates and the core success indicators to have a pulse of

Setting money goals in a way that activates you without sending you into lack

How to shift from growing from a place of need to desire

Auditing your current offers to see whether they’re actually supporting your current income goals

How to play in the energy of certainty around money while releasing attachment to the result

How to know you’re applying pressure and what to do to shift it raise your wealth frequency and dial up your magnetism in a way that actually drives sales

Navigating time drama around your revenue goals

Simple but powerful perspective shifts to allow you to hold the energy for what you desire and use the data as feedback to refine your process in a way that keeps you in motion

What the stock market has to do with priming our businesses for long-term growth

Getting clear on the bigger picture vision so you can feel clear on your quarterly priorities

Rewiring limiting beliefs that have been making you contract around money and capping your ability to call in the level of income you desire

Shifting the way you feel about receiving great amounts of money, spending more, saving more and investing more

The calculations you need to figure out how much you need invested in order to retire at the age you desire.

How to take the surplus cash flow in your business to buy assets that move you closer to financial independence.

Terms of Use: If you purchase the Wealth Codes 12 month membership, and decide to leave early, you will be responsible for paying the difference of the full price of the Money Matrix Program ($888USD) as well as each training that has taken place since you registered. If payments are late, you will be removed from any current program until payments are in good standing. You are responsible for payments whether you have made time to access the material or not. Access is granted for the twelve month duration. Your membership will need to be renewed for further access to any programs past your twelve month term.



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Aligned Sales

What would your life and business look like if you truly loved selling; if you approached sales in a way where everyone wins and you became an energetic match for earning more? Aligned Sales shows you how.
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